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Have data on transparency and possible claims for homeless people in particularly vulnerable situations been provided?


We have not found any data on possible claims from homeless people. 

Regarding the management of this matter, both the Spanish Government and the Autonomous Regions and main City Councils of Spain have published on their websites action plans to help homeless people. 

In addition, the National Institute of Statistics regularly publishes the results of its studies on a national level and by Autonomous Community.


The Report of the Court of Auditors of the Joint Assembly of the Joint Community Commission of October 2019, disclosed that there is in general a lack of useful information to adjust the policies against homelessness.

The different Centres provide information to homeless people through their working. The outreach Centres provide information to homeless people already on the street about emergency and integration assistance they can turn to.


A number of public administrations websites provide information and guidelines to homeless people explaining how to secure a “domiciliation,” obtain various social benefits, access shelters or even store their belongings.     

Moreover, in several French cities, and in particular in Paris, there is a municipal humanitarian emergency service (“SAMU Social”) which role is to provide assistance to homeless people in vulnerable situations.  There is a national free emergency hotline (115) that homeless people can dial to obtain information and assistance. 


Switzerland does not have any national data on the number of homeless people available, but currently a nation-wide survey is in preparation.


The UK publishes comprehensive homelessness statistics


The NYC DHS tracks data regarding homeless individuals. A section of their website is devoted to providing data on individuals and families by case type; the ethnicity of shelter clients; number of shelter entrants by borough; and the enrollment of individuals in homeless prevention programs.  The website publishes yearly reports.  It also posts reports on medical health and mental health services in shelters. 

Additionally, various organizations publish data regarding homeless people in the State and City of New York.

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